Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Overboard at the Stern

registered name: Overboard at the Stern
barn name: Ollie
registered with: Masters Thoroughbred // Cream and Pearl Horse Society
registry number: 00232 // C0029
breeder: Vanderburg Sport Horses
age: 13
color: sabino palomino
markings: apron-face, four white stockings
height: 17 hands
genetics: ee aa gg Crcr FF

pal. overo stallion #00232
show results:


registered name stable breed registry number gender out of color
Pirate Connection Silver Wings Stables Thoroughbred TDB stallion Spooked Connection black
Investor Overboard Sinclair Equestrian Center Thoroughbred #00260 stallion Risky Investor chestnut sabino
VHS Spooked Jolly Roger Shoreline Hill Stables Thoroughbred TDB filly Spooked Connection black
VHS Ahoy Investor Quiet Meadows Ranch Thoroughbred TDB filly Risky Investor chestnut
VSH Highwayman Vanderburg Sport Horses Thoroughbred #00284 colt HHE Path Less Taken cremello
QMR/VSH Anchor's Away Quiet Meadows Ranch Thoroughbred #00317 colt QMR Arya palomino
VSH Pillaging Blossom Viking Faerie Acres Thoroughbred TDB filly PAEC Lovely Blossom palomino
VSH First Mate WhisperWood Stables Thoroughbred TDB colt Risky Investor palomino
VSH Pesky Pistol Turning Point Farms Thoroughbred TDB filly HHE Path Less Taken buckskin
VSH Haunted Mast North Woods Stables Thoroughbred TDB colt Spooked Connection black
VSH Odysseus Lexinton Fire Stables Thorougbred TDB colt HHE Path Less Taken cremello
VSH Coastal Siege Audacia Park Thoroughbred TBD colt Risky Investor palomino
VSH High Tide Vanderburg Sport Horses QH Appendix TBD colt Lunar Maestro chestnut
VSH Taken Aboard Tanglewood Farms Thoroughbred TBD filly HHE Path Less Taken chestnut